Sunday, September 27, 2009

Moving Days

This looks like a pretty easy way to move from place to place, just hook up the house to the boat and away you go! But we went a different route. To move in and out of Alaska, the easiest way for us was to get a c-van from Alaska Marine Lines, they deliver it to your door, you load it up (we had a week and friends, THANKS LYN AND DEB!!!) then AML picks it up and will deliver it to your door to where you are moving, but in our case we will unload it at the AML yard in Seattle when we get there next week. From there we have more friends, glad we have friends! RUTH AND JERRY are not only helping us unload and reload to a u-haul, but are storing our "junk" in their shop and having us stay at their home until we get settled.
I can't believe the summer is over and we are on to another adventure! It's bittersweet leaving Alaska, I truly thought when we came here 7 1/2 years ago, we would retire here. But then our kids started having kids, and we want them to know who we are and to be able to spoil them. We were really starting to feel "homesick" this last winter, so decided to make the move after the summer charter season was over. Boy, did summer go by fast!The AML c-van, almost loaded and ready to go.

The boat did not sell before we left Hoonah. There was room on the ferry for us to bring it from Hoonah to Juneau, but not room on the ferry we were taking to Juneau to Bellingham. The van did an awesome job of pulling the boat, I was really stressing this. And thanks to yet more friends (KEVIN AND CINDY) we had a place to park the boat until they load it on the ferry for us at the end of October or it sells (keep your fingers crossed that it sells!)

Since we weren't needing our signs for the fishing charter we decided they looked pretty good on Chris Ericksons van (since he's staying in Hoonah). He was out bear hunting when we put them on his van, and had a good laugh when he got home. Maybe if he cuts the phone number off, he could put the signs on the side of his building......

So here we are in Juneau, waiting for the ferry to take us to Bellingham, we had a week between ferries, which was great. It has given us time to say goodbye to so many of our friends here. Barbara and Jacque have housed us and fed us for this week, I will miss them SO much, I wish I could pack them up and take them with us.
The termination dust on the mountains is saying it's time to go, winter is on it's way! I guess I'll be having to change this blog at some point, since Hoonah Byrd Nest won't seem appropriate when we start our new adventure in Eastern Washington.


argib21 said...

Hi Marge and Frank,
That is such sad news, but we can sure see why you would not want to be so far from your grandchildren. We thought one or two travel days was too far.
From a selfish standpoint, though, we hate to see you move. As long as you were there, we felt a connection to Alaska, even though our days of long travels are over. We enjoyed your hospitality in 2003 and of course last year will always be among our favorite memories. And not just of the hours on the boat, but those after a day on the water. The fantastic meals and friendly atmosphere will be with us forever. We have our pics on a slide show disc and often relive the trip. Hearing “Wally” bellow still gives us a laugh. And we are still enjoying the halibut. It’s as good as ever.

Good luck on your new liffe. I’m sure Frank will find enough fishing and hunting to keep him happy. I doubt if our paths will cross again, but we would like to think so.

Allen & Kathie

Margie said...

As soon as we get settled someplace more permanent I will continue to blog. And our paths may cross again, we love road trips, so if we get out new you we will be sure to let you know.