Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time for a drive

Frank and I actually had a day off and it wasn't pouring down rain! So we took a drive out to Freshwater Bay. That's about 30 miles out the road............
It's a big bay, and it turned into a beautiful day. Frank did some fly fishing while I sat on top of the truck and took pictures and watched for bears. He caught a few pinks, and satisfied his fly fishing urge for a while. The grass was so tall, it's a good thing we were both watching for bears. He heard one coming down the river, they are never quiet like I expect them to be. It must have heard us talking and cut up into the woods, when it reached the road I could see the bushes shaking where it was, but it decided not to show itself.
This mama and cubs were in the same river/creek, but farther up from where we were. Looks like she has a radio collar on for tracking. The cubs look like 2 year olds. We saw one other set of cubs on our drive. Thought about picking some berries, but decided to wait until September when more leaves fall off.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Reverse Double

This was a first. Barbara and I both hooked this fish, we thought we were tangled since that happens so often, but when we got this fish up we both had him hooked, so I guess that is a reverse double. The fish had both of us on! He ate one bait then ran over and ate the other bait.Notice the short sleeves and the SUN on Barbara's face?!!!!!! Oh, but we woke to rain and wind yet again this least we enjoyed the one day of summer that came our way again. Barbara was even a little red in the face and arms this morning.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Jellies, crab and company

Had another quick trip over to Juneau on the week-end, but this time for fun! John Prine was in town and we had tickets (with excellent seats) thanks to our friends Lyndsey and Montana Deb. We have such good friends in Juneau, we are so lucky. Cindy and Kevin let us stay at their house even though we come in at late hours, and we met others at Pizza Roma pizza, they let me pick, YUM! I just hope we are as good as friends to everyone. Barbara and her brother Albert, who is visiting from Pennsylvania came back to Hoonah with us for some fishing and crab, and if the fog doesn't set in they will fly back to Juneau tomorrow with lotsa fish. If it's anything like this am they should get out, it almost looks like summer this morning.
One of the cool orange jelly fish
A white one with long, long tentacles
Frank, Albert and Barbara with dinner.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Strange Looking Fish

Our friend Coach (Tom Cossalter) and his son in law Jedidiah have been up visiting, and fishing. At least there were a few nice days while they were here so they could get out on the water and have some fun. They did manage to catch a nice 125 lb halibut, so they had plenty of fish to take home. They tried to leave on Tuesday at 1am out of Juneau, they have stand-by tickets so when all of the flights were delayed because of volcano ash, they got bumped to the bottom of the list. It was cheaper for them to grab a flight back over to Hoonah then it was for them to stay in a hotel and buy their meals, so that's what they did. We were booked up with whale watching charters, so instead of doing more fishing they drove around looking for bears, they said they saw a few today while they were out. They are back on the ferry now heading for Juneau to see if they can fly out tonight sometime, I guess that is one way to get out of work, I just hope they believe them!
Coach caught this Lingcod, too bad the season wasn't open yet!

Look at those teeth!

Junior (Jerry's son) caught this pretty Yellow Eyed Rockfish while they were all out catching lunch.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Jelly

This is one type of jelly fish we see a lot of in this area. Jelly fish are so fascinating to watch, I think I could spend hours at it. We have some red ones with really long tentacles too, we'll see if I can get a picture of one of them sometime. I couldn't get a good picture of this one, Frank had to take over, after about 20 takes he got a couple of good ones.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Back in Business

I feel like we have been going non-stop since we made the mad dash to the ferry from Hoonah to Juneau last Tuesday. We had 1 hour to pull the boat out of the water, deliver fish to the processor, run home and throw some clothes in a bag, then make it to the ferry. They had Frank backing the boat onto the ferry when I came out of the office with the tickets. Sometimes small towns are nice, they don't get too up tight over small things. Allen Marine in Juneau had a motor in stock, and I must admit, they did us good!!!! They put the new motor on Wed, we picked the boat up Thursday, put it in the water and did a test run on her, and she worked fine. THANK YOU ALLEN MARINE! All of that and we only missed a half day charter! We then came back on the ferry Friday morning at 7am, with our next group of people from California. Got to Hoonah, checked the guys into the B&B then went fishing. They came up for dinner every night after fishing, since there were no restaurants open by the time we got in, plus they are great guys so that was fun. They filled up on deep fried halibut, clams (thanks to Jerry and Junior), crab and salmon for 3 nights. Today we took a group of guys out from Whitehorse Canada, we brought in the biggest halibut ever for our boat, a nice 150 pounder, they had a total of almost 300 lbs of live weight in halibut by the end of the day. Those were some happy guys! Got a breather tonight, but it's back to work early tomorrow......
A seagull picking herring off the top of the water. The herring were everywhere, I couldn't believe there were no whales out there eating them.
Frank and the 150 pounder, getting ready to haul her into the boat.