Monday, August 4, 2008

Back in Business

I feel like we have been going non-stop since we made the mad dash to the ferry from Hoonah to Juneau last Tuesday. We had 1 hour to pull the boat out of the water, deliver fish to the processor, run home and throw some clothes in a bag, then make it to the ferry. They had Frank backing the boat onto the ferry when I came out of the office with the tickets. Sometimes small towns are nice, they don't get too up tight over small things. Allen Marine in Juneau had a motor in stock, and I must admit, they did us good!!!! They put the new motor on Wed, we picked the boat up Thursday, put it in the water and did a test run on her, and she worked fine. THANK YOU ALLEN MARINE! All of that and we only missed a half day charter! We then came back on the ferry Friday morning at 7am, with our next group of people from California. Got to Hoonah, checked the guys into the B&B then went fishing. They came up for dinner every night after fishing, since there were no restaurants open by the time we got in, plus they are great guys so that was fun. They filled up on deep fried halibut, clams (thanks to Jerry and Junior), crab and salmon for 3 nights. Today we took a group of guys out from Whitehorse Canada, we brought in the biggest halibut ever for our boat, a nice 150 pounder, they had a total of almost 300 lbs of live weight in halibut by the end of the day. Those were some happy guys! Got a breather tonight, but it's back to work early tomorrow......
A seagull picking herring off the top of the water. The herring were everywhere, I couldn't believe there were no whales out there eating them.
Frank and the 150 pounder, getting ready to haul her into the boat.

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