Monday, July 28, 2008

I Dream of Sunshine

This morning laying in bed semi awake I kept seeing the blue sky with a few clouds, and then I would get more awake and still hear the rain. The never ending rain, our yard is like walking on a sponge. Even the cats are depressed.

We had the "boys" from the Tri-Cities up for their annual fishing trip last week-end, I don't think it stopped raining one day. The water was so rough in Icy Strait that they didn't get on the best fishing spots while they were here. We even had a "sea sick" moment, and it wasn't ME! Jerry and Jr. filled in on Saturday and Sunday for me, which was so great since I hate being out in the rough water. The "boys" went home with 50lbs of halibut each so it wasn't a total loss. Saturday the motor started sounding rough, and on Sundays charter we were seeing oil in the water. Not a good sign. Now we are in a mad dash to find a replacement motor between charters. This is so not the place to get things done yesterday, try finding someone or some business in Juneau that cares..........
We did have a one whale show for a while yesterday. This guy was bubble feeding around us for about 1/2 hour (that's his mouth coming out of the water). We've seen him for a while now, he's not shy, and will pass between your boat and the bank when salmon trolling too. I just can't figure out why he's always alone.

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