Monday, July 28, 2008

I Dream of Sunshine

This morning laying in bed semi awake I kept seeing the blue sky with a few clouds, and then I would get more awake and still hear the rain. The never ending rain, our yard is like walking on a sponge. Even the cats are depressed.

We had the "boys" from the Tri-Cities up for their annual fishing trip last week-end, I don't think it stopped raining one day. The water was so rough in Icy Strait that they didn't get on the best fishing spots while they were here. We even had a "sea sick" moment, and it wasn't ME! Jerry and Jr. filled in on Saturday and Sunday for me, which was so great since I hate being out in the rough water. The "boys" went home with 50lbs of halibut each so it wasn't a total loss. Saturday the motor started sounding rough, and on Sundays charter we were seeing oil in the water. Not a good sign. Now we are in a mad dash to find a replacement motor between charters. This is so not the place to get things done yesterday, try finding someone or some business in Juneau that cares..........
We did have a one whale show for a while yesterday. This guy was bubble feeding around us for about 1/2 hour (that's his mouth coming out of the water). We've seen him for a while now, he's not shy, and will pass between your boat and the bank when salmon trolling too. I just can't figure out why he's always alone.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Byrds

Another one of Franks sisters, Lorna and her husband Randy were here for the week-end, they are taking home some halibut, no salmon..........mmmmm, and some crab. The weather was nasty the whole time they were here, rain and wind. Luckily today it wasn't too windy, so had some nice fishing, but it was raining. No sunshine for them until they get home!
The extra guy was a client we added on their trip today.....

Randy and Frank were fighting the monster, about 90lbs, they let this one go after a few pictures, since they already had a limit of big halibuts. They head home tomorrow and we go back to work............

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girls Week-end

Barbara and Jacque came over from Juneau for the week-end for some much needed girl time.Captain Frank took us halibut fishing and we caught some nice big ones, then saw some Orca's, deer, humpbacks, brown bear and cub, eagles and seals.
Saturday we spent the day sipping wine and painting. Jacque gave the lesson on how to paint an Alabama sunset. But Barbara and I have never seen the hills in Alabama, so ours are a bit bigger.
It was a great week-end, spent with great friends!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

We've been here 3 years and this is the first time we watched the parade in Hoonah. Nice old time parade with lots of candy! I think most of the kids were in the parade so the adults and toddlers got most of the candy! Our friends Lyns and Deb are here from Juneau, so we didn't stick around for the other festivities, like horse shoes and races, we went fishing instead. We did manage to stay up and watch the fireworks that went off between 11-12pm. I think Frank and Lyns were sleeping during most of them though.

This little guy was pretty intense!

Frank got a good picture of a puffin while we were out too, there were more puffins then I've ever seen at this spot before, they must be liking it there.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a beautiful day!

It's days like yesterday and today that remind me of why we live here. Yesterday was so clear you could see the Fairweather Mountain Range all day, and then turn the other direction and see the Juneau Ice Fields. We only had a morning charter yesterday, so Frank and I rushed back out of the water to fish for ourselves. The water was like glass, we caught 1 King, 2 Silver, 1 Chum and 1 Pink Salmon, then caught 2 dinner size halibut for some friends in town who don't get to fish much.
You can see the Fairweathers in the background on the left, they look so close! They are actually over 50 miles away.

I was happy to spot this whale, I haven't seen any in over a week and was beginning to wonder where they had all gone. Guess we missed the small Orca pod that was near Icy Strait Point when we were out fishing. If they are around that could explain the shortage of Humpbacks feeding around here right now.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boats on the horizon

This week the water has been so calm, I love days like this. This morning was kind of foggy and hazy out on the water. I kept looking towards Admiralty Island and wondering if the sun was ever going to come up, even though it was light out at 3am today. But it just reminded me of a sunrise. Notice the boats, there was a cruise ship, fishing boat, sail boat, and to pleasure crafts (better known as Yachts), all were coming our way, they all passed within minutes of each other and the wakes seemed never ending.
OH, and today is our 8th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to US!