Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a beautiful day!

It's days like yesterday and today that remind me of why we live here. Yesterday was so clear you could see the Fairweather Mountain Range all day, and then turn the other direction and see the Juneau Ice Fields. We only had a morning charter yesterday, so Frank and I rushed back out of the water to fish for ourselves. The water was like glass, we caught 1 King, 2 Silver, 1 Chum and 1 Pink Salmon, then caught 2 dinner size halibut for some friends in town who don't get to fish much.
You can see the Fairweathers in the background on the left, they look so close! They are actually over 50 miles away.

I was happy to spot this whale, I haven't seen any in over a week and was beginning to wonder where they had all gone. Guess we missed the small Orca pod that was near Icy Strait Point when we were out fishing. If they are around that could explain the shortage of Humpbacks feeding around here right now.

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