Monday, August 18, 2008

More Jellies, crab and company

Had another quick trip over to Juneau on the week-end, but this time for fun! John Prine was in town and we had tickets (with excellent seats) thanks to our friends Lyndsey and Montana Deb. We have such good friends in Juneau, we are so lucky. Cindy and Kevin let us stay at their house even though we come in at late hours, and we met others at Pizza Roma pizza, they let me pick, YUM! I just hope we are as good as friends to everyone. Barbara and her brother Albert, who is visiting from Pennsylvania came back to Hoonah with us for some fishing and crab, and if the fog doesn't set in they will fly back to Juneau tomorrow with lotsa fish. If it's anything like this am they should get out, it almost looks like summer this morning.
One of the cool orange jelly fish
A white one with long, long tentacles
Frank, Albert and Barbara with dinner.


Barbara said...

Yum Yum dinner sure was tasty. Thanks Al for cleaning crab for us. Thanks Jerry for putting the pots out.

albert said...

thank you frank and margie,you are wonderful hosts,great people and you can fish very well to boot.
Just to set the record straight,Jr cleaned the crab, I,back in Juneau picked out the meat, yes it was well worth it. I am looking forward to coming back in the future. Yes I will try and bring good weather with me.