Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time for a drive

Frank and I actually had a day off and it wasn't pouring down rain! So we took a drive out to Freshwater Bay. That's about 30 miles out the road............
It's a big bay, and it turned into a beautiful day. Frank did some fly fishing while I sat on top of the truck and took pictures and watched for bears. He caught a few pinks, and satisfied his fly fishing urge for a while. The grass was so tall, it's a good thing we were both watching for bears. He heard one coming down the river, they are never quiet like I expect them to be. It must have heard us talking and cut up into the woods, when it reached the road I could see the bushes shaking where it was, but it decided not to show itself.
This mama and cubs were in the same river/creek, but farther up from where we were. Looks like she has a radio collar on for tracking. The cubs look like 2 year olds. We saw one other set of cubs on our drive. Thought about picking some berries, but decided to wait until September when more leaves fall off.

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