Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feels Like Home

Dayton, Washington. I love this town, I love this whole area of Eastern Washington. I don't know what the draw is for me here, but this is where it is. We were driving from Couer d'Alene to Dayton and came across this great old farm house near Dusty, WA that's for sale................boy, oh boy, it's going to be hard to go back to Alaska. I love big old houses, and right now there are so many homes for sale wherever we go. Big decisions ahead.
Main street of Dayton. Looks like all the old towns around here with a big City Hall and lots of refurbished brick buildings.

We spent the week-end at Sven and Olga's in Dayton (Jerry and Ruth), they have a great place just outside of Dayton, it so comfortable at their house it's always hard to leave. It was the Fall Festival in Dayton over the week-end with lots of kid activities, carolers, and fire works to round it all off.

Frank and I took T-Rex for a walk early Saturday morning. He's Svens dog. He's such a great dog, but we walk a little too slow for him. He likes to take off when you aren't looking to go run on his own, so he doesn't get out much these days.

We saw this big flock of wild turnkey's up on a hill not too far from their house too. Frank is planning on coming back in April when the season opens.This was another great old house that's for sale, but it is right in town. Frank took this picture to show me, since he knew I would want this one too!

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Jumpa said...

Hokey Smokes Bullwinkel thats a neato house ya got a photo of. Were still here and enjoying the travels of the Byrd family. Been raining till last night with wet snow... just alaska weather. Stay safe and stop by the dollar store for doggie chew toys.... smilin... linsey and deb