Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving! Today will be a pie fest since we are having dinner with Franks family. It's a great tradition they have, more pies then people! I have made coconut cream and will be making an apple pie soon. His other sister is bringing 5 pies, and I know some more will show up. One year there were 27 pies! That seems to be the best part of the day, PIE! Frank has 5 sisters and their families are to the point of growing so much that now they split up so that the sisters with grandkids and son/daughter in laws have their own dinners and then show up later for pie. I love being around this huge family, it reminds me of growing up with my dads huge family gatherings. My family now is so spread out that we won't be together for Thanksgiving or Christmas.......but Frank and I will be enjoying a small Christmas with my mom in Long Beach, Washington.

Here are some pictures I've been taking and now seems like a good time to post:

Leftover pumpkins that were left in a field, outside of Pasco, Washington
Ever wonder where canola oil comes from? This is a field of canola flowers in bloom just outside of Pasco.

This is Chucky, Franks sister Leah's cat, he's huge, his front paw is on the counter, he's such a beggar! I think she said he is 13 years old, his teeth are mostly gone, but he's deadly with his claws still.And gas was even cheaper in Couer d'Alene...........................can you believe diesel is so expensive still?


Anonymous said...

You cannot move to Eastern Washington - what are you two thinking.....oh you are not thinking you knuckleheads...The sauna door is open and where are you????? Not here....get back to AK now. We need you here!!! Diane and Barbara ( by the way thanks for the scarf - people wanted it!)

Margie said...

OH, now you open the sauna!!! Just remember if we move you all have a place to come to to get out of the rain! Miss you guys!