Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ketchikan and Beyond.............

We had a 5 hour layover in Ketchikan yesterday, of course it was raining sideways, I don't think they get nice days. Frank and I jumped on the city bus, only $1 there, and headed downtown to play tourist again. Just like Juneau the majority of shops are closed for the season, but we did make it over to the famous "Creek Street", but Ray Trolls shop was closed for lunch. So we walked around, found a thrift store and scored about 10 vintage crochet books for .10 each. Walked and shopped partway back to the ferry then hopped back on the bus. Having layovers does help break-up the long ferry ride, it doesn't seem so bad this time. We should be in Bellingham tomorrow around 8am.

We thought this was kind of cool, how it was built into the rock, I thought about going out in the street to take the picture so I could get the whole building in it, but I figured this time of year they would run over any leftover tourists!
I wonder how loud it is in the houses above the tunnel, inside the tunnel was very LOUD.
The famous "Creek Street" in Ketchikan, for some reason I thought all of downtown was like this, but it's only one street. We did notice though that most of downtown is built on pilings just like Juneau.
Our cubby hole, not very private, but very cheap!The front half of our suite.
Somewhere in Canada, I think we were by Bella Bella. Wouldn't this be a great place to retire?!!
Arriving at the ferry terminal in Bellingham. Can you believe it's raining!!! Once we got through the massive traffic in Seattle, the skies cleared up and it's a balmy 60* out, nice. We are actually spending the night in a hotel with our own private room, then heading over the pass tomorrow. Frank is really enjoying the gem show and knappers, so he'll go back tomorrow in the am, I think I'll get my walking in then.

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