Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Budget Cruise

We loaded onto the Malispina Monday night around midnight, at least there was no backing the vehicles in, it was hard enough staying focused and awake driving straight. The ferry is full of teen girls traveling to play volleyball, so our usual sleeping space up on the top lounge was full. We could have booked a room, but decided to save the $300-400 and use that for gas on our road trips we plan on taking. We ended up finding a spot in the front lounge. Not too bad, except the fire check box is right above my head and someone checks that every hour......I'm hoping tonight since I know what the noise is that I won't wake up every time. We woke up to sunshine in Peril Strait, absolutly beautiful. Of course the camera was still in the car, so didn't get pictures on the way in, I think Frank got some on the way out, so I will post those later. Dean and Pat from the Sportsmans B&B are also on this ferry. Pat fell down the stairs this am going to the car deck before we pulled into Sitka, cut her head and twisted her foot. Her time spent in Sitka was in the emergency room. Thankfully she didn't break anything, but ended up with a few staples in her head. We were in Sitka for 3 hours, and had the option of taking a bus into downtown for a mere $10 roundtrip per person. So we played tourist. Sitka is a nice town, first time we've been able to walk around, and the hour and a half was plenty of time. I saw where the Tlingit spelling is Sheet'ka, guess that's where those tourists got Shitka from. I think we have a stop in Petersburg tonight around 2am, oh boy!
Frank boarding the Malispina, this ferry is a lot bigger then the LeConte, but not as big as the Columbia or Kennicott
Mt. Edgecomb from downtown Sitka. This is an "extinct" volcano.
A Russian Orthodox church in downtown Sitka.
A replica of one of the bunkers that was used by the Russians to protect their forts. Very cool construction.
This was the view from one of the many marinas in downtown Sitka. There seems to be a tremendous amount of commerical fishing boats here. There were also a lot of B&B's around town.

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