Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun in The Fall

We've been busy visiting friends, kids and grandkids. Time seems to be flying by. I've forgotten how windy it used to be in the Tri-Cities, today we had 50 mph gusts, but it was about 60 degrees outside so it really wasn't that bad, except it blew all of the leaves from the trees. Oh, and tumbleweeds (I'll try and get pictures) all over the roads.After the winds yesterday there are hardly any leaves left on this tree. This is in Coach and Sally's yard, where we are staying.

Frank wished he would have shot these geese.........our friend Max brought them over for us, since he knows how much we miss geese.
I had forgotten about road kill veggies. I passed some squash before seeing these potatoes, and usually there are onions all over the roads too. Frank and Coach found a mound of potatoes and brought a bunch home yesterday. OH! There is a bunch of tumbleweeds just waiting to break loose behind the taters......
And this is Kizzy, Sally and Coaches dog. I went to town with Coach and Frank the other day and they decided to let Kizzy come along. We had stopped at Walmart, then they dropped me off at Target before heading back to the "man" department at Walmart. When I was at the check out, I looked up at the automatic doors and in comes Kizzy, all by herself. That was a shock, so I called the guys and asked if they had lost the dog, they didn't even know she was gone! I guess Coach had left his wallet in the cart at Walmart in the parking lot, and they were so flustered over that they didn't realize the dog had gotten out of the car. But it all turned out ok, Coaches wallet was still in the cart and a store employee captured Kizzy.

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