Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Sky Country

The weather has been fantastic for a road trip, the passes were clear and it was in the 60's the first day of the trip. Eastern Montana reminds me a lot of Eastern Washington, just a whole lot more of it. We spent our first night in White Sulfer Springs and woke up to snow flurries! Even though the land is flat we were still at 5,000 feet! The snow didn't last but the cold temps did, today was a very cold and clear 10* when we woke up. I think I have seen more deer in one day then I have at one time in my whole life, they are everywhere. Frank bought a doe tag over the counter and we will surely find a nice one tomorrow, before heading back west.
Coming over the pass into Helena, a very beautiful valley.

There were 4 of these pheasant on the side of the road, they didn't want to stay still for pictures.

On this "short cut" we took if there weren't horses in the road it was cattle, and in the distant, Antelope (still need to get a picture of them)
We are always having to watch the sides of the roads for deer, I don't know why, but they like the sides of the highways best to find something to eat.

The Badlands don't look bad at all, very beautiful, full of color.
It's been a long time since we have seen deer this big! The fawns are about the size of our full grown deer in Hoonah.

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