Monday, November 17, 2008

Pay to Play

I found an ad in the Tri City Herald last week: Guided pheasant hunt in Eastern Oregon, they supply the dogs, land, birds, and they'll even clean your 6 pheasant for you. I was just kind of kidding when I read the ad to Frank and Coach, but they thought it was a great idea. So, yesterday the boys grabbed their other hunting buddy Clintsinger, and headed over to Summerville, Oregon to C Bar C Outfitters for some pheasant hunting.
Coach with the hunting dog on point.
Frank only got a couple of pictures before the batteries in the camera died, of course he didn't have extra.....Coach making a great shot, the dog is already on the go to retrieve. The guys had a great time, said C Bar C Outfitters were great, they had licenses there for them to buy, were very perfessional, and their youngest son is even a PBR rider!


Foremost Pheasant Hunting said...

You know what they say- A bad day of pheasant hunting is better then a good day at work. The cover looks a little thin in your pictures. Did you have trouble with the birds running off? Thanks for sharing your experiences by the way!

Margie said...

There was plenty of cover for the birds. The guys agreed this was the BEST pheasant hunting they have ever had, and plan on going again before we head back to Alaska.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think is the best part...of course the PBR connection....BAH