Saturday, June 6, 2009

Neka Bay

Frank and Erickson went up to Neka Bay fishing the other day, what a beautiful day they picked too. For some reason I had a different idea of how it would be up there so stayed home instead, but now that I see the pictures, I don't think I will turn down my next invitation.They caught and released a bunch of beautiful sea run Dolly Varden. What beautiful fish they are!The wild flowers were in bloom everywhere.
Frank got a great picture of these shooting starsAnd these are something I've never seen before. Chocolate Lilies, how pretty is that! They tried to talk him into bringing me home a big bouquet for in the house. But they never made it here, they thought they were pretty funny, I guess they don't smell as good as they look!


argib21 said...

Hi Marg
We are really enjoying your posts. The breaching whale picture is spectacular and the clams and crabs remind us of some wonderful meals last fall. I see we are still on the "wall"--first and last. A & K

Margie said...

Hey! You are our record halibut, you'll be on the wall until someone beats that brute! We get to tell "your" halibut story over and over! Good to hear from you!