Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Silver

Frank has had a bad case of Salmon fever lately. Saturday we went out with our friend Chris on the Icy Lady, trolled most of the morning, saw a ton of bait, but no fish. On the way in we decided to try one last time near Point Sophia, and Frank caught a 29 inch (don't let him tell you pounds!) king. But that didn't cure his fever, so him and Jerry went out Sunday in the same area and Jerry caught the first Silver salmon of the season. They were pretty surprised, it seems so early for Silvers, we haven't even caught a Chum yet.
Frank is sitting at the kitchen table now playing with his "hoochies", so I don't think he's calmed down yet. We just need some clients who want to salmon fish instead of fishing for halibut for a few days and that would help.

Low tide last week brought in a few eagles on the beach in front of town.

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