Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Skate, yew!

Time is starting to fly by, each week we are more busy then the last, but that's a good thing!
Jerry and Frank spent some time on the water catching halibut last weekend. They ended up catching this huge skate too.
Skates are so weird looking, a lot like a ray, but when you turn them over they have a flat face and what looks like little feet down by their tails. Maybe the rays have this too, I've never looked on the underside of one. The skin is rough like sand paper, very abrasive so they hurt your hands to hang onto them. But this rag worked really well for them. Years ago the native people used to use the skin of the skates for sand paper, makes sense to me. We haven't ate any yet, but maybe one of these days we'll try it, I've heard they taste a lot like scallops.

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