Thursday, September 18, 2008


Autumn helped me pick blackberries today, they are everywhere. It's so nice not to have to carry a gun to pick berries. But we did learn that using ziplocks didn't work very good either, they would get caught on the thorns, putting holes in the bags and then blackberry juice was dripping everywhere. Of course the biggest berries are the ones are just out of reach.

Our hands are all stained and scratched, but so worth it.

I may have to go back for more tomorrow, it seems such a waste to just leave them.
This was the sunset tonight, it lasted about 3 minutes from this picture. It was so calm on the beach tonight, no wind. Autumn and I just kept walking, but realized on our way back that we had passed the trail back to the house, so we just took the first one we came too, walked out to the highway then back down to my moms house. Got a good walk in!

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