Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frank and Jerry had some free time yesterday so they drove out to a stream to do some fishing. Frank had been wanting to go to this spot for a long time, but me, being the big chicken that I am with all the bears, have not offered to go with him. I'm glad Jerry is here and they can go do these things.

These pink salmon are all "humped" up on their backs, ready to spawn.

They saw quite a few bears along the stream and trail, but the bears were only interested in the salmon. Frank got a pretty good video of a bear catching a salmon.(which I tried to upload, but this connection is too slow, maybe I'll try again when I can get a better connection) I don't think I would have wanted to be that close!

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Autumn.Nicole said...

those are some big fishIES! DONT LIKE THE JELLY FISH BECAUSE THERE MEAN!! AND JUNIOR IS HUGE i remember when he was just a baby!! well maybe not a baby babby but littler than that!!