Monday, September 29, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

We had a fairly decent day (considering what we've had since) right after I got back from Washington, so thought we'd head "out the road" to see what we could see. Didn't see any deer, I think they are talking about making it a buck only season again, the deer still haven't recovered from our record snow fall from a couple of years ago. Didn't see any fish in the streams either, lots of bear sign in the roads, they've been eating LOTS of berries! We found a nice spot to pick berries, up on a hill, I could see all around me, so I was comfortable picking there, plus the huckleberries were huge! We got about 2 gallons, but now I remember why we wait until after the first couple of good frosts before we pick our fall berries. The no-see-ums were very active, about made me crazy. Also after the frosts there are less leaves and you can see the berries better. Frank had caught quite a few salmon while I was gone, so he was just finishing up smoking them, in time for me to vacuum seal them. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas? If this rain ever lets up we hope to get out and pick more berries, we still need to get the high bush cranberries picked and made into syrup and jelly before we take our trip south.

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