Sunday, October 5, 2008

One more time

Our friends Lyn and Montana Deb flew over from Juneau for a few days, we were really hoping it wouldn't rain the whole time they are here. The sky was so white, almost looked like it was going to snow, but it wasn't foggy so the planes were flying and there arrived right on time.
Arriving at Hoonah Non International Airport. This is the Wings caravan, one of the bigger planes that flies into here from Juneau

They said flying over the water was flat and they could see whales, so we decided to head out in the boat for some final days of fishing. We set out the crab pots too, right along with a million commercial pots......grrr

While trolling for salmon Frank caught this Lingcod, and he got to keep it since the season was actually open. Didn't catch any salmon, so went halibut fishing. We picked up 3 halibut, they bite very tentative this time of year. Which makes them hard to hook.
The water was flat and calm the whole time we were out there. We could see all of the mountains, and my favorites, the Fairweather mountain range, that is on the outer coast. It was a beautiful day, cold, but beautiful. Of course we woke up to rain this am.

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