Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Bear in the Road

We actually had a break from 3 days and night of pouring rain and wind. It took about 15 minutes to bilge the water out of the boat this morning. A lot of boats in the harbor where setting low in the water. I'm sure everyone made a trip down there to bilge today! Since it was still nice out when we got home, we decided to go for a drive, see what we could see. Got out the road, picked some more berries, it's just too hard to resist when they are so loaded and the leaves are off the bushes. On the way back home we came around a curve and this sow was walking down the road towards us. She kept getting closer, and closer. About the time Frank was ready to get back in the truck, and I thought she was going to walk right by the truck, she angled off the road, she was about 100 feet from us at that point.

And she had this little guy following her the whole way! What a cutie, I haven't seen a cub this blond before. They were both pretty mellow with us sitting there watching them.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you gave us your address. We enjoy reading about your adventures. Makes us feel we're still there.
A & K