Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Bored Kitty Cats

I don't think it's ever going to stop raining, just when you think it can't rain any harder, it does. We have a metal roof, so the sound is constant. The cats aren't liking it either, it's getting colder and they hate the wet, so when they aren't sleeping they are bugging us. A friend from our church will be house sitting while we are gone, and she just got a year old lab mix, so that should liven things up a bit for the cats while we're gone!

Nooks in her "princess" chair. I had some foam and an old fleece blanket, was bored so made her a kitty, her and Izzy have to take turns in it and they don't like to, causes some friction once in a while.

Izzy likes this little blue pillow, but sometimes she doesn't quite get centered.

Our berries are all processed, so now it's time to crochet, make our Halloween costumes (Franks not too thrilled about that), clean, clean and clean before we go, sort and pack, take the boat over to Juneau on the ferry for it's 200 hour check up (Frank gets to do that too), and diet (hey, we've been doing good since "Sven" and his chips, dips, cake and ice cream left!). So far we haven't gotten into our winter routine of a morning and afternoon nap yet! Will the rain ever stop?!!!!

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