Friday, January 16, 2009

Last Week of Birds

For Frank anyway.............Coach, Max and Frank managed to get out 3 mornings this week to get some duck and geese hunting in. I know Frank really misses this from living in Alaska. Since we have left Washington most of the places left to hunt are "Pay to Plays", meaning you have to pay to hunt on the land. There are some public lands (CRP) that are free to hunt, but they are farther away then what they want to go for a day.
Frank and Coach with the ducks, and Max's dog Betsy. Frank really enjoyed working with Betsy, I know he would love to have another lab.
Coach in the goose blind out in the middle of a winter wheat field.Looks like they got a great shot of some geese, but these are just the decoys.
These were some BIG geese. This was a "pay to play" field, with about 8 guys on a "guided" hunt. Frank didn't shoot but just went as an observer.

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