Monday, January 12, 2009

You Call This Winter

It's getting harder and harder to think of heading home. 50 degrees here or 5 feet of snow there! Normally, this time of year is the coldest in the Tri-Cities, a couple of weeks ago it was cold, snowy, just like normal, then it warmed up and now it's flood time! Coach and Sally live on the Yakima river, but not right on the bank so they haven't had to worry like others have. I did forget that the wind blows most of the time here though. Always something......
This is Coach and Sally's back yard, you can see the Yakima river thru the trees. It didn't come up much farther then this.

This is the Touchet river that runs through Dayton, Washington. We spent the week-end at Svens house, this river runs behind his house too, he said it's the highest he's ever seen it since they lived there. Very muddy.

With the nice weather, all the wild animals were out like it was spring. Frank loves seeing all of the turkeys. He enjoyed seeing all of the deer until he almost hit some driving home! He said he saw at least 40 deer along the roadway waiting to jump into traffic! At one time he went between 2 deer, one in the center of the road and one on the shoulder.

We took a drive up Pattit Creek Rd out of Dayton, it was so beautiful. Then got to the top of the bluffs is a whole herd of windmills! They're everywhere!!!!

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