Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back to Remotness

We got back to Hoonah yesterday on the ferry, the water was a little rough in places but not too bad. It was nice having people on the ferry we knew and seeing landmarks we've come to love. Kitties are good, Maureen did a great job of taking care of the house and cats, but I know she was ready for us to get home. We couldn't have made such a long trip without her staying at our place. She had her satellite hooked up while we were gone so we have TV now! We may have to option of buying the satellite and keeping the service so we're considering that, it would be nice. The post office was glad to see us too, they'd been putting our mail in a box and that was getting full! The weather has been pretty rotten so there hasn't been a mail plane in a couple of days and by the snow that is coming down now there probably won't be a plane today either. My edge card seems to be working now that we are home and I've ordered another one, but the internet is very slow, we got spoiled by having a fast wireless connection while staying at Jacque and Peters. Jacque spoiled us more then just the fast internet, they made our stay in Juneau extra nice. It's so good to have such great friends, not only in Juneau, but also in Washington. I'm sure Coach and Sally were ready for us to leave so they could have their space back again. Frank and I are getting back into our routine, but I have ideas for downsizing our junk, so that should keep us busy for a while since we have so much junk!

This eagle didn't seem to mind the ferry docking right next to him. They wouldn't let us out on the deck to get a better picture since it was so icy.

This is the view outside our kitchen window this am. Notice the patch of blue, it's gone now, replaced with snow clouds. Currently it's snowing lightly.
You can't even recognize our van! Looks like we got some snow last night. It doesn't seem so bad since we really haven't had any winter weather in our travels.

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