Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow to Slush and Back Again

We are definitely getting our winter now! I think we got about 6-8 more inches on top of the slush last night, so it's nice and slippery under the pretty stuff. I about did the splits on the way back from the post office today, I'm sure that was a pretty sight! We went to the Economic Development meeting this am, everyone knows we are back so we can't not go. But the rumor now is that there are 2 cruise ships that will be pulling out of Alaska in 2010, and both of those 2 make stops here................I'm sure Icy Strait Point will be scrambling to find other ships to take their spots. As it is I hear the cruise ship industry as a whole for Alaska will be down about 30% this summer. With 4 cruise ships stopping here I'm hoping we won't notice it.
Frank shoveled a path down the drive way today, it was his turn, I did it when we got home.This is our neighbors yard, can you see the swing set, it's almost covered.
This is the view out the back of our place, Frank got to shovel a path to the freezer too!

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