Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunny Days

For the last 2 days the sun has been shinning and we've bee seeing blue, blue sky! It doesn't matter that it is still colder then ever, the sun just brings everyone outside. Gotta get some Vitamin D! Frank and I took a walk up to the Shaman Rocks, it's near the ferry terminal. Frank didn't have his spikes on and I get a little nervous walking through that pass when the sun is shinning on thawing rock. The same feeling I get when we are out in the woods and I know that the bear is just around that next tree waiting for me. Legend has it that the Shamans of the Tlingit tribe are buried on top of these rocks. It used to be that NO ONE went up there because there were evil spirits about. But from what is said now, is that the younger generations don't listen and have ropes to help climb up there.

The rock used to be all connected until they blasted through to put the road out to Icy Strait Point. You can see we still have a little snow piled up.

This was taken from the Ferry terminal parking lot. They are supposed to build a walk way around the rock for tourists this year. It gets a little congested going around that curve between the rocks in the summer time. Look how flat that water is! Frank would have loved to have been out fishing for winter kings.

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BS HONEY said...

Hi Margie. I've finished reading your blog post all the way to September 1st. And I've enjoyed ever post.
Your pictures are so life-like, and made me feel that I was there, also. Guess I kind of got lost in them.
I plan to pick up my reading tomorrow. This is better than a book for me. Seeing our world from a desk chair.
We have family in Anchorage. We talk of visiting; but somehow just never get there. How far are you from Anchorage?
I'll be back to visit tomorrow.
Thank you, Margie.