Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Around Town

I got to thinking the other day that we take a lot of scenery pictures, but we haven't taken too many pictures of Hoonah. Probably because the town itself isn't that pretty. We see the town everyday and forget that business and such are a little different then they are in a bigger town. So I thought for a few posts I would put some pictures up that show a little more of Hoonah.
This is downtown Hoonah taken from the float plane dock near the marina. This was the part of town that was rebuilt after the fire in 1944 (or around that time).

The red building is our power plant, I know it's hard to see through the snow, but there isn't much there anyway. The town is run on diesel generators, which you guessed it, makes electricity very expensive. The town gets a grant, so our electricity is about half of what it would be without the governments help.
Do we have a Dr. in town? We used to get a Dr. to visit once a month, but he retired, and as far as I know we haven't gotten one to replace him. The clinic is run by HIA (Hoonah Indian Association), but last I heard they were having a hard time making ends meet financially, and were hoping that SEARCH would step in and take over. SEARCH is another native group that if they came in would build a new clinic. Looks like they need one here. If you have a major emergency you have to be flown out of Hoonah to Juneau or Seattle. Our ambulance crew is all volunteers as is our fire department.
This is the Senior Center, it seems like this would be a bigger place since are really a lot of seniors in this town. I think the biggest draw is that van out in front, I see it all over town giving our seniors rides to the post office and the store.
And this guy was sitting up on the hill enjoying the sun that I just had to take his picture. He was scoping out the dump (pictures on that will soon follow).


Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURES!!!! love being a Hoonah Honey for a few weekends throughout the year- Thanks again.

Anji Gallanos said...

Hi Margie...I love your pics of Hoonah...I have a friend that is there every other month or so..I am thinking of going with her next time. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I heard Hoonah has some nice beach glass :)

take care