Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Around town, continued

Since this snow isn't letting up, and all the pictures I take now will look the same. I went back through some of my older shots of places around town.

This is the Russian Orthodox Church. It needs a lot of work still, they started working on replacing the roof last summer, but I think they are still using the Catholic church for services, so I don't think it was finished. This tiny church sits up the hill overlooking town. So many people miss it since they are looking out at the bay and not up.

This is one of the stops for the tours from Icy Strait Point. The totems located at the school parking area. Under the shed is 2 canoes, an older one, and a new one that was supposed to have been finished last summer. I'm not sure if they ever took it out, something had been done wrong on it, which resulted in a crack. They weren't sure if it would float or not. So much work went into the carving of that boat, I'd hate to see it not be usable.

And this is known as "Bear Bread". Really, it's just a fungus that grows on the trees. A lot of people gather them, dry them and then paint on them for the tourists to buy when they come to town. I think this one never got dried out............

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