Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

It sure sounds like it anyway. We must have gotten about a foot of snow the other day, then it warmed up and rained, then snowed, some sun, etc. The snow started sliding off the roof very fast. That is so loud when it comes crashing down! It doesn't have far to fall anymore though, the piles are up to the bottoms of the windows. When we got a lot of that last snow, we made the mistake of not shoveling the driveway, I kept thinking, oh, it's supposed to warm up it will just melt. HA! Now, it's water heavy snow, and neither one of us wants to shovel it. Cabin fever is starting to set in for sure. You can tell when you notice how loud your spouse chews, and the other small little things are like a fuse being lit inside your head. Yes, I do believe it's time we either get a job (YIKES!), or go visit some friends!This is right outside the front door, domino effect, from the roof, to the yard, to the walkwayThe yard between our house and the neighbors. I think the bbq is under there someplace!Poor Nooks, Frank gave her a kitty toss into the snow. I don't know why she likes him!

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