Friday, March 27, 2009

March = Spring?

I keep thinking I need to get out and take some pictures, but this is such an ugly time of year. Well, in SE Alaska it is anyway. The snow is trying to melt, and all the piles of snow are dirty with sand and gravel. The stuff left in the yards have craters in it from the rain, or there are huge piles by the edges of houses. Nothing like the white with the first snow in the fall, when everything is so clean and bright. So I've had a hard time finding pictures to post, unless we have a blue bird day and we are near or on the water there isn't much to see. Frank and I are sure looking forward to our trip to Washington in April to finally get some spring weather, and maybe when we get back the snow will be all gone! There is only 1 real type "hotel" in Hoonah. This is the Icy Strait Lodge. I've never stayed there myself so can't comment on the rooms, but I have heard they are in need of an updating. The building is in a great location though, and the dinning room sits right on the water, which at high tide is pretty nice, low tide isn't so pretty, lots of mud. When they have a good cook there, it's actually a nice place to go for dinner. There is also a bar with pool tables, but we aren't much for hanging out in the bars so we haven't spent much time there. You can see we still have plenty of snow piled up along the roads, and as I type this another snow storm is going over.
You'll have to settle for more pictures of our ever entertaining Nooks. She loves her boxes, especially when Frank cuts holes in them for her to look out. This winter she has started to meow at you when she wants to play. She's had a very boring winter.

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