Thursday, April 10, 2008

Folk Festival Week-end

Frank and I will be taking the ferry over to Juneau for the week-end to catch a little of the Folk Festival. There is a band from Hoonah going over to play, so we need to support them, the Bear Paw Pickers, plus they're good! We'll be staying with our friends Debbie and Lin, so I think we're in for a fun week-end. I think Frank is even bringing his gold pans, so he may get a little panning in while were there, I think I'll head to JoAnnes for some restocking while he's in the creeks.

Sat, 4-13, I'm starting to feel the affects of not going to be until after 1am for 2 nights in a row, I'm getting too old for this! There are some great musicians at this years Folk Festival, we just haven't been able to leave until they are done playing every night. These long, dark winters sure turn out some talented people. Each band has only 15 minutes of playing time on the stage, and some of them you would like to listen to all night, then there are others..........well, let's just say their 15 minutes seem to last an hour, but there is only a few of those. The last band last night had an young boy, maybe 10 years old, helping them. He had on his gold and black shinny shirt, open down to his belly, and boy did he have some moves! He was like a mini Mick Jagger, that boy was brought up on rock and roll! I hope someone got some video for him to watch when he hits his teen years! We'll be heading back over there tonight for the last night, the headliner band will be ending the show with a long performance. We caught a little of them last night, so we're really looking forward to tonight, we'll just sleep all the way home on the ferry tomorrow. Which reminds me, we have to be up and at the terminal at 6am...........yew.

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