Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest News

Since my computer hates myspace and won't even let me log onto it anymore, I've had to resort to a blog. I don't seem to be having much luck with the blog either, but I think that is due to our Internet connection being so slow after 8am in Hoonaville. So I'll keep trying, be patient.

Latest news:

JC and Mikayla were married last Friday, April 4th, I think they went to Post Falls, Idaho. Since they are both only 17, Jim and her mom both had to sign to give them consent. Kyler was probably the biggest shock, (he was born in November) so I'll survive the marriage too. JC sure seems a lot more mature then I was at that age, and he's a very attentive dad. I'm still waiting for pictures!

This is Kyler in the hat I made him, at little big, but he's growing so fast it won't be long before it's too small! Look at that big belly!

Frank is expecting another grandbaby in June. His youngest son Josh and his wife Audra are expecting a girl, their first child.

My nephew Kevin and his girlfriend Stephanie will be getting married in July in Portland, sounds like it will be a very nice wedding. Too bad all this fun stuff is happening in the summer when we are working! I just hope we get lots of pictures!

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