Saturday, April 26, 2008

A little sunshine in the mail

I knew it was bound to happen, rain. Sometimes I do have to remind myself that the Tongas National Forest is a RAIN FOREST after all! It doesn't take long for a week of sun to dry out this place, they even had the fire get away from them at the dump the other day. For Christmas Franks sister Leah and her husband Steve got us a subscription to fruit of the month! Leah and Steve know how much we miss fresh fruit, every time they visit they ask what they should bring up and we yell "FRUIT", I can't think of a better swap, fruit for fish. We received organic strawberries today! There was a problem somewhere with the shipping though, they shipped on the 15th and we received today.......luckily they weren't moldy, but they were pretty banged up and soft, but we managed to save enough for some strawberry shortcake, YUM! Made the rainy day so much nicer. THANKS LEAH AND STEVE!!!

(I only took one picture before the strawberries were gone and before I realized someone had his eyes closed)

More and more humming birds are arriving daily. Nooks loves having the feeders in the front window. She makes this funny chirping sound at them.

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