Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still warm and sunny!

Made a trip up to the dump again today, always an adventure! This smallish brown bear looks like he's had a rough life! Scars and recent wounds all over him! Notice he's tagged in his ear too, someone is keeping track of him.

Then when he started going up the hill I noticed even more scarring on him. When he got up near the trees in the shadows and didn't move, if you didn't know he was there you couldn't even see him. See, I know they are always out there watching me!

This was probably the big bruiser who gave him a few of those recent wounds, fighting over food. He kept ducking when I tried to take his picture, but notice how pretty his fur is compared to the other one. Bear season is open, but these guys are safe up at the dump, they hunt these guys from the beaches, where most of the bears are right now eating what little grass is coming up.

How's the boat looking? WHAT, you say, it's not in the water?! There is a ton of salad hanging off the bottom of it, we'll have her cleaned up and back in the water by tomorrow. We're thinking of having the bottom painted to save us from having to take her out every month this summer and hosing her down.

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