Monday, May 11, 2009

So Many Birds

Seems like we've had all kinds of birds flying or passing through lately. The Sandhill Cranes on their way North, they don't stop they just call to us as they pass over head, they have the coolest sounds to them. Happens every spring. We were on top of it this year though, got those hummingbird feeders full and out when we saw the first one in town.

Of course the best spot for the feeder is right in front of the window where the cats lay, they need entertainment too! The hummingbirds don't seem t mind either.This year we had these guys eating out of the hummingbird feeders too. They come flying in and land on the feeders so fast and hard it just makes the feeder really swing. Frank is really into birds (mmm Byrdman=Birds, who knows) but he got his bird book out when these started coming in, it's a "blah, blah, Warbler" At least I remembered the Warbler part!But whatever their kind, they are all hungry! This Eagle was giving a look to this Raven, boy if looks could kill! That Eagle wasn't letting go of his halibut head either, we got some pretty close pictures that normally we wouldn't have been able to get.

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