Friday, May 1, 2009

Time to Get Moving

So much for sitting around and cruising the internet, winter is OVER! Thanks to our friend, Lyn Strickland, he flew over from Juneau to get our butts in gear. He's great for motivation. The boat is in the water, cleaned, electronics hooked up, fishing gear on board and ready to go. In fact the boys are out right now looking for a king to catch. They couldn't have asked for a better day, sun, sun, sun, and the water is so flat, it doesn't get better then this.
Does Captain Byrd look like he's ready to hit the water? The Mystress sure does!
I don't think this boat kitty went without too many meals over the winter. He was calling to me from the other slip, I think he wanted me to swim across and pet him.

All that is left of the snow are plow piles. This is the city park with Elephant Mountain in the background.

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