Thursday, May 29, 2008

Camping (?) in Swanson Harbor

We had our first full day of charters yesterday, boy that felt good. (See pictures on our Dream Fish website). Near the end of the last charter our friend Chris Erickson of Tok River Outfitters called to say he had just finished his last bear hunt, his clients had flown out and would we like to meet him for dinner in Swanson Harbor. How could we refuse?! So after getting all the halibut to the processor we ran home, picked up Leah and the rest of our junk and headed across Icy Strait to Swanson Harbor. When we pulled in, around 8pm, Chris was waiting with a sundowner for us:

His assistant guide, Lucas, and his wife Brenda, were out scouting black bears for themselves. So Chris had dinner waiting for us, then Frank took Chris and Leah to join up with Lucas and Brenda back on the streams. Frank said when he dropped them off he heard gun shots, so we figured no one would be back anytime soon. I took this picture while waiting for Frank to get back, it must have been around 10:30pm:
Frank and I decided to sleep in our boat so we wouldn't get woke up when the rest of them got back, heard them come in after 11:00pm and went right back to sleep. I got up about 5am, needed to use the head and when I opened the door out of the cabin this is what I came face to face with:
I'm glad I didn't wet myself! I didn't scream like Uncle Chris either! But I did jump back in the cabin and slam the door, did some cussing, then Frank and I had a good laugh. Our friends are so funny! That sure woke me up!
Brenda and Lucas with BRENDA'S first bear (first time hunting anything). That's a beautiful black bear. They even gave us a few steaks to bring home.

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don marshall said...

i hunted with the "icy Lady" this spring(may 2008) and your report seems EXACTLY in character!!!!