Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A quick trip to Juneau

We decided since there was only 1 cruise ship in this week and the weather was lousy that we'd head over to Juneau for our big stock up before summer. OUCH! That cost us a bundle, I think we bought Costco out! We also met our friend Jerry who was coming up from Washington State with his boat. Him and his brother drove up to Prince Rupert and caught the ferry there to Juneau. Jerry will be a charter captain for Icy Strait Point this summer and staying at our house. We met them at the Ferry terminal on Tues., then took them shopping for supplies and we all caught the LeConte for Hoonah today. His brother will be here for only a week, so I guess they will just have to put on their rain gear and fish A LOT! I'm beat, it will sure feel good to sleep in my own bed tonight.
Zonie and Jerry arriving on the Taku

Jerry backing his boat and van onto the LeConte

I don't know what it is about friends that you've had from your childhood, but it seems when you are all together again, it's like time has not passed at all and you are all still kids. It's nice to have those moments of youth again.

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