Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday May 3rd

Got the boat out on the water for the first time this spring, make sure everything works ok, a few things still need fixed, nothing major. Thought we would go out to the rockfish spot and catch dinner if nothing else. Water is still pretty cold, about 35 degrees, no fish showing on the fish finder, so that was a bust, weather was crappy, so we decided to save the gas for charters and drove out the road again to see how far we could go this week.
A lot of snow has come off since last week, but since they are not plowing the roads we didn't make it much farther then we did the last time. It was looking good until we topped a small hill and were immediately in snow!
I had to take a picture of this logging "style" that is done on Sea Alaska land. This was probably cut 5 or more years ago, it's looked like this since we started coming over here to hunt. The town is surrounded by Sea Alaska land and most of it is logged off, just like this. You have to drive through this depressing area for miles before you get to the National Forest, never fails to make me mad. Now Congress is thinking of giving them more land in the Tongass to log because they have ruined theirs. If the Forest Service tried to leave land like this, do you know how many different groups would be screaming?! Ok, I'm done for the moment. GRRRR.

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