Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Franks sister, Leah, flew in Saturday morning, we were thinking of heading over to Funter Bay to meet up with some other charter boats for the week-end, but the LAB the airline she was flying on from Juneau to Hoonah just happened to have forgotten to put backpack on the plane, so we ended up waiting another 3 hours for the next plane to bring it over. Also looking at the weather, it was calling for 4+ foot seas so we opted to spend the week-end close to home and played around in Port Frederick. I can actually say I got HOT today! WOW, that doesn't happen very often and hardly ever out on the water. Trolled for salmon, nothing, but the water is anywhere between 44-47 degrees now, so that will make a big difference. Put the crab pot out and the shrimp pots, first pull, no shrimp, no crab. 2nd pull on the crab pots gave us enough for dinner. Sat on the dock at Salt Chuck bay, caught some bait, laid in the sun, and did a little beach combing. Snuck back into Salt Chuck Lake, between the boulders in the water, with Leah and Jerry on each side of the front of the boat keeping an eye out. Saw a real pretty brown bear at the back of the lake.
Leah getting the shrimp pots ready.........
What is it? Looks like part motor home, part boat, part Beverly Hill Billies! (could be us someday)
SE Alaska sun bathing.
Entrance from Salt Chuck Bay, back into Port Frederick.
Young brown bear.

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