Monday, May 19, 2008

OH, That Sinking Feeling..............

Jerry got all of the finishing touches on his boat yesterday, the electronics hooked up, and all the other do dads. Got a boat slip for the summer. Then this morning at 7am the harbor master called to tell us his boat was sitting on the bottom of the ocean. That is such an awful feeling, and even worse when you get there to see it. This is how you bring a boat up off the bottom of the ocean when it's in it's slip. First you need lots of rope, and at least one wench, 2 are better. Strong rope is a must, because when it breaks you end up starting all over again. A big pump helps too, once you get the stern and windows above the water line.

Jerry happened to have brought his dry suit up with him, but he did say he knows why it is named Icy Strait now!

Starting to come up, they had to replace one rope after it snapped.

Up high enough to start the pump, then she really came up good.

And to top it off, we were going to put her in the drive way to hose her off (since it's a state road and DOT will not let us hose the boat off in the road) but the bottom of the trailer got stuck on the road, so that took about another hour to get undone. They are still cleaning on her, got the small trolling motor working, lets hope more than that does!

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