Thursday, May 8, 2008

The pursuit of halibut

I have a new friend, he will go out on the boat with us now always. I don't know how we managed without him.

Mr. Heater, oh my, how much better can life get! The only problem I seemed to have had was once I was in the cabin and nice and toasty, I didn't want to go back outside to fish! We've been searching for some halibut, water is still very cold and they just are not in yet. We have a couple of guys flying over from Juneau tomorrow, they're hoping for halibut and maybe a king, but they might be a little disappointed. And of course now the weather is going to turn nasty, and they are calling for 5 foot seas.

Saw a group of kayakers camping on the beach. Now, there are plenty of nice islands very close in that they could have camped on, but why they chose the beach with the BEARS makes no sense to me. That is where the bears are right now, on the beaches. Seems crazy to me, guess they need some excitement in their lives. (They were packing up and leaving today when we went by so I guess they survived the night)
We were heading back in to Port Frederick Sound and could see a whale ahead in the distance, when all of a sudden one surfaced right in front of the boat, we had no idea it was there. Captain Frank managed to bring the boat to a screaching almost halt in time for it to gracefully move out of the way. As we sat there in neutral we noticed about 6 or more other whales spread out all around us. I got this picture before they got too far away.

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