Sunday, May 11, 2008

A good day for a wedding

We went to our first wedding in Hoonah yesterday. Arely and Sam go to our church, and our church here is very small, I think if 20 people showed up we would be bursting at the seems. Sam has a huge family, I think they said around 200 people were attending. Arely is from Honduras and so none of her family was able to attend. So the priest and deacon set up the alter at the Tlingit lodge down at Icy Strait point. It's a very beautiful building, made of yellow cedar. Then they had the reception at the restaurant that is there also.
The restaurant is located right at the mouth of Frederick Sound going into Icy Strait, it has windows all around so that no matter where you sit you have a fantastic view. There were still a few whales in the area, so that made it even nicer. They finished the evening off with fire works, which I thought was so cool. Frank and I had a great time and it was a good opportunity for us to meet more people in this community and to also see who is related to who. Sam has a great family, they were all so warm and welcoming to Arely. They just looked so happy.

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