Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It can only get better....

Like Jerry said this am, "the sun actually came up today". Best news first, the engine on the boat started today, and it only got better. Zonie went fishing with us while Jerry got his first day of work in. The water was about 5 degrees warmer, boy what a difference that makes. We had enough crabs in the pot to make Zonie happy, then we headed out into Icy Strait to look for halibut. We weren't disappointed. And I rock! I caught the first one! But Zonie had to outdo me and get the biggest. That's ok, since he leaves tomorrow morning and I'll have all summer to fish
According to the tide book, this halibut weighs 65lbs, nice, makes ours looks so little!
All filleted out and ready to go home
OH YA! Deep fried halibut, fries and crab! At some point you have to just stop!

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